Faux Living Wall - Christmas JOY

We started with 2 old doors that we bought at Habit for Humanity. They were joined together and reinforced with strips of plywood and then all was painted green.

We attached our pre-made JOY letters by hanging them on screws.  

Approximately 60 feet of faux garland was placed around the letters, stapled into place as needed. The garland can be as plain or fancy as you would like. We used old, inexpensive garland that had been in storage, it wasn't that fancy and it did need a bit of fluffing.

Continue until the letters are surrounded with garland and the board is mostly covered. The green background will help to camouflage any gaps.

All the garland is in place. We added light bulbs to the letters and tucked the cord behind the garland. Looking quite nice at this point but to really WOW this... 

I collected approximately 20 clippings from trees in our yard: cedar, juniper, spruce and lodge pole. Just before the start of the party I tucked the clippings under the garland evenly around the letters. 

The final was very lush and lively with the fresh clippings.

The clippings may need to be replaced every few days to keep the greens looking fresh.

On display at our town Christmas Party. This made a cozy, welcoming entrance and a lovely backdrop for photos.

We made the 3D JOY wood letters ourselves. This graphic is just the BASICS of how they were made. I didn't go into great detail as these should only be made by a professional carpenter. You can find a good selection of 3D letters on Amazon.