I made this CARDzees handmade birthday card with the images from the OLD SCHOOL kit, card stock, flowers and stickers from the local dollar store. 


Card panels are done. Let's play a game! For an Extra-Extra-Wow birthday card pop them into separate envelopes...

Mail the panels one at a time. This takes a bit of planning and hoping that the post office system aligns! But hey, even more fun if they arrive out of order!

The first card arrives about a week before the birthday. This is the part where she is thinking... "cute... but what the heck am I supposed to do with this?"

The next day another card arrives. "Hmmmm.... I guess yum happens?"

 The third panel arrives... some rearranging is done.

Mystery solved!  I stopped at four panels but you could carry the game on a lot longer with more panels. So. Much. Fun. And the best part is your card will likely be displayed and talked about for a long time. Who doesn't love a mystery?

Here I have it as a wrap around flowers. Kind of a card, wrap & gift all in one! Super fun and certainly memorable.

What will you make? :)