Vintage 29 CARDzees handmade greeting card

This CARDzees™ card was made with old book pages, floral and spot stamps, a greeting card and stick-ons from my stash. I didn't photograph the process as I made the base last year and I just came upon it when I was looking for something else.

I had taken old book pages and spray mounted them to card stock for support. I then cut the CARDzees shape on my Silhouette.

I wasn't too sure what to do with it at the time so away it went. Inspiration hit me when I found it again. I thought the contrast of colour, style and time would be sweet.

It was already stamped with florals and dots. I added the type and numbers and my plan was to add the colourful stick-ons but I knew that wasn't quite enough. I figured that the sweet gal from one of my earlier greeting cards would be perfect and I was right.  I had this all done in under 15 minutes and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

The photo above is arranged as a zigzag and folds down to an A2 envelope, see next photo below.

Zigzag CARDzees fold down into an A2 envelope.

Wraps around a houseplant.

The zigzag can be taken apart and rearranged as a square. Pop a plant into it for instant colour and a sweet gift.

Or it can fold down to tuck into a number 10 envelope.

Square CARDzees fold into a #10 envelope

So many ideas, so little time.... What will you make?

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