Get your scissors and glue sticks ready! Here I am playing with the CARDzees-4-Crafters FLORA FAUNA FOO Kit. 

I'm using 4 of the 8 panels that are included. Eight panels make 2 CARDzees and there are enough cute illustrations to make the two CARDzees cards.

The illustrations are printed on luxe linen stock and need to be cut out individually. You only need to cut out the images that you'll want to use but you never know what combinations you can make so I've cut out all the images on the two sheets. Time consuming? Yes. Worth it? Yes. :)

I just love this foo dog! I think it's the tongue out the side of his mouth? Right? Or maybe it's the vacant stare. Hmmm...
Start planning your layout.

After you've cut out your images, you can plan your layout. Add anything such as your own images, stamps, stickers... you get the idea! You can even toss the illustrations and do your own thing with just the CARDzees™ panels. You can buy just the panels separately here.

I'll be making this CARDzees greeting with the cut out illustrations, the supplied bling dots and a bit of glitter. You can never go wrong with a bit-o-glitter!

Planning your layout

Arrange CARDzees as a zigzag

After you've decorated your CARDzees™ they can be arranged as a zigzag... which folds down to tuck into an A2 envelope.

CARDzees fold down to tuck into an envelope.
CARDzees can be rearranged as a square, makes a sweet little wrap around gifts.

If you don't want the zigzag you can easily take them apart and rearrange as a square.

This version from the same FLORA FAUNA FOO Kit arranged as a square makes a sweet wrap around the sides of a gift.

CARDzees in a square configuration folds down to fit into a #10 envelope.

CARDzees™ in a square configuration fold down to fit into a #10 envelope. I think that is the tip of a bird wing sticking out above the foo dog!
Make multiple CARDzees and stack them. Fun to collect.
Make multiple CARDzees™ and stack them or join many together to make a CARDzees-conga-line of sorts. You can take them apart and rearrange them to make them new!

Make a mystery game, mail CARDzees panels one at a time for extra fun!

Make a mystery game, a bit of planning and extra time is required. Mail CARDzees™ panels one at a time for extra fun! This idea was the original spark for CARDzees. The video that explains the concept is on the home page or view on YouTube.