Start with stickers and CARDzees panels
Today I am playing with *Just Panels* #2 CARDzees™, cute lama stickers I got from the dollar store and some stickers I had in my stash from Michaels.

Stick to card stock before cutting out

Cute lama stickers and CARDzees panels

I like to adhere the translucent stickers to white card stock before I cut them out. This guarantees the pattern on the CARDzees panels won't show thru. A little more work but they pop better that way.

 Start to plan the layoutMoving things around, these lamas need to be together

Planning the layout.

I move things around to see what works. The lamas need to be together but they don't quite fit on one panel. They will lean in towards each other even more if I put them in the middle two panels.

Close up cuteness! Lama love!

Lama love!

I've glued the lamas, hearts, etc into place. Remember not to get too close to the edge as the CARDzees will be folding when joined. I may have gotten too close with the little hearts but I tested and it was still ok. Barely. Whew!

I just need to add a few more stickers and we're done...

The final Lama CARDzees greeting as a zigzag.

The final lama CARDzees greeting as a zigzag. How cute is this?

CARDzees as a zigzag fold down to fit into an A2 envelope

CARDzees™ arranged as a zigzag fold down to fit into an A2 envelope. Get A2 envelopes here.

Lama CARDzees arranged in a square configuration

Apparently they can get even cuter... the zigzag was taken apart and rearranged as a square!

Use CARDzees as a wrap around a small vase of flowers

It is the perfect size to wrap around a small gift or a 4"pot of flowers.

If you want to put into an envelope instead, the square configuration fits into a #10 envelope. Get #10 envelopes here.

Fits into a number 10 envelopeIn a number 10 envelopeSend CARDzees panels separately as a mystery game!

My original idea for CARDzees™ was to send individual panels as a mystery game. The whole concept has come a long way since then. Check out the video that explains it on the homepage or on YouTube. More CARDzees here. Enjoy!